Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I miss it already

Wow, looking back now I can't believe we're all done! I really think that everybody did a great job this year! The website looks amazing! Great job everyone and have a fantastic summer!

Year Reflections

It took me forever to figure out how to post on this blog =].

Anyways, ever since last summer when I got the email saying that I was accepted into this lab, I was excited - maybe it was because of how exciting it sounded from the description or maybe it was because upcoming freshmen are excited about everything ;). I remember on the first day of class we were handed these awesome lab notebooks and then being told by the professors after giving a brief introduction to the class, "We have a long and busy schedule ahead of us, so lets get our hands dirty and find some phage!" Amazing.. it was only my first day in a college lab and we were already venturing out into the abyss to do fieldwork. After that, things started to get exciting. Fall term was marked with memories of using petri dishes, microcentrifuge tubes, micropipettes, and the incubator, day in and day out. Every week I would give myself a pat on the back for hitting another checkpoint in the process. Spring term, I got to run a gel for the first time (I remember using the super tiny tubes) and I got to watch the operation of an electron microscope. This term, we got to experience first hand what genome analysis was like. Finally, after having a wonderful year, we met in class for the last time today.

Even though a lot was accomplished, it doesn't even feel like the first day of class wast that long ago. Time flies when you're having fun :p
Today is our last day of the phage genomics laboratory; I have mixed feelings about it. Looking back as a whole, I am so proud of the work that was accomplished. This was an opportunity that I never imagined I would have when entering Oregon State University. I am very thankful to have had this chance to dive into a lab type setting such as this. I am also a little sad to be finished with this lab. I met many great people and had some great opportunities. Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone involved in this lab. It has been a great experience that I will not soon forget!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Lab

Tomorrow will be our last and final phage lab, we have gone trough so many SMEG and TA buffers to get where we are right now. Reflecting on the past months, it is incredible to think that we started out from a tiny sample of dirt, compost, or manure and now the final genome! Just shows what a team of dedicated students and experienced and passionate instructors can accomplish in a small amount of time. I am sure everyone have learned more than just the information, but also in some ways improved our communication, team work and time management skills, something’s that is very crucial to any career in the future. Lastly I would like to congratulate everyone and good luck with finals!!!

Roberto G. 

Colbert on Colbert

Hey guys - I just wanted to comment on Nick's post. I fully support the effort to try to get Stephen Colbert to recognize Mycobacteriophage Colbert on his show! I think this would be awesome and I am happy to help. I will definitely let you guys know when the GenBank file is accepted. I know that the file was submitted on May 15...it takes a little while to get accepted but it shouldn't be too long until we hear. Here is the address for the new phage lab website: http://biology.science.oregonstate.edu/courses/genomics-lab/
There is a link there called "Genome" that talks about Colbert a bit.

Let's chat about this in lab tomorrow!

안녕 (means good bye)

Real world research experience. Great opportunity for first year students to develop skills that I did not learn till junior year. An educational environment in which you work closely with your teachers. These teachers are awesome and dedicate a lot of time and energy into helping develop the students skills and knowledge.

Dead Week!

So... It's dead week already. I must say these past three terms have been a whirlwind experience for me. This genomics lab was my first experience in a real lab, and it has been pretty awesome. Fall term was kind of a shock, having to come in so often and facing so many problems, but it was a learning experience that helped me get very familiar with microbiology laboratory procedures. The rest of the year was a lot easier. Working with software was somewhat simpler, but I still learned a lot about genes.

I want to take this time to thank everyone for making this lab an enjoyable class. I made friends I probably wouldn't have made in a regular lab section, and I truly learned a lot, thanks largely to our advising faculty. Dr. Taylor, Dr. Denver, Christy, and Andrew, thank you very much for being so dedicated to helping all of us through this adventure of a research lab. :)