Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey everybody,

So, I figured this would be a good place for updates on, as well as a sounding board for, getting Colbert (the phage) recognized by Colbert (the TV show host). Right now, my current plan is to wait until the GenBank entry has been finished and published (as that is the real legitimate proof if there being a mycobacteriophage named after Stephen Colbert), then posting the info to the Colbert Nation forum site, and hoping it gets seen by the right people, including links to our website, this blog, a contact email (I can either just create one, or we can make some sort of contact email for the lab at large), and some pictures. Thus, whoever gets informed about the GenBank entry, they should let me know, and we can get this ball rolling. Any other comments / suggestions are welcome as well.


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  1. We talked in class about posting to the forum - if you let us all know, we can all post to the thread so it has a better chance of getting noticed :)